Build Unitrack H0 Layout: New Tutorial with Audio Commentary

Build Unitrack H0 Layout: New Tutorial with Audio Commentary

Our YouTube channel now offers an updated tutorial on recreating the Kato Unitrack H0 layout "Yard Job One" using the tools and functions available in the RailModeller Pro app.

This new version comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and audio commentary, providing useful hints for users to optimize the app's capabilities.


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Here are some features that we cover in this video:

  • Use a simple baseboard to outline an area in the drawing canvas the layout will occupy
  • Import background images into a track plan
  • Use the Auto-colorize assistant to quickly colorize tracks in the layout to be easily distinguishable
  • Make use of built-in productivity boosters like the repeat function, drag-copy, and toggle the connected joint
  • Take advantage of handy shortcuts to save time and streamline the design process
  • And using various other functions built into our track planning app.


The Kato Unitrack track set can be ordered at

To discover the catalog of track systems that are compatible with our track planning applications for macOS, please refer to the libraries section of our website.

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