New Video Tutorial Available: Introduction to RailModeller Pro

New Video Tutorial Available: Introduction to RailModeller Pro

We're excited to announce the release of the first video tutorial in our new series dedicated to helping users master RailModeller Pro for macOS.

This initial video provides a comprehensive introduction to the app and its key features, guiding new and experienced users in creating model train and slot car layouts.

What the Tutorial Covers:

  • Drawing Canvas: Learn how to design and organize your layouts on the canvas.
  • Toolbar: Explore tools like "Smart Insert" for easy track insertion, editing tools for layout modifications, and options for graphical shapes and text.
  • Zoom Controls & Display Modes: Visualize layouts from different perspectives with top view, side view, and 3D mode.
  • Part List & Search Feature: Keep track of layout elements and quickly find specific items by name, product number, or description.
  • Library Catalog & QuickFilter: Access and filter track libraries by scale and type for seamless element selection.
  • Drag-and-Drop & Repeat Functions: Add tracks to your layout with drag-and-drop or appending, and use the repeat function for quick section creation.
  • Sidebar: Manage properties and layers in "Element" and "Document" modes.
  • Canvas Sizing: Adjust canvas size with auto-resizing or fixed modes.
  • Status Bar: Get real-time feedback.
  • Help Menu: Access the RailModeller Pro user guide for detailed instructions.

Check out this first video tutorial to get started with RailModeller Pro and unlock the full potential of your model train layout designs.



Stay tuned for more tutorials in this series, where we'll dive deeper into advanced features and layout techniques.

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