RailModeller Pro 5.3.6 Introducing Layer Previews

RailModeller Pro 5.3.6 Introducing Layer Previews

The RailModeller Pro 5.3.6 update introduces layer previews providing a quick way to preview layer content directly in the Layer List without the need to switch between layers or change layer visibility:

Simply rest the mouse cursor on the icon for toggling layer visibility and a preview of the layer content will appear in an instant!

Additional changes in this update include more general enhancements to the app and updated track libraries for the library catalog of 250+ bundled track libraries containing templates for more than 6000 elements.

RailModeller Pro 5.3.6 requires macOS (OS X) 10.9 or newer and is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.
Installed apps will be updated automatically by the built-in Software Update feature of macOS.

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