RailModeller Pro 5.3.7 adding custom display format for grades

RailModeller Pro 5.3.7 adding custom display format for grades

The latest update to RailModeller Pro 5.3.7 extends the app with an option to select the way grades are displayed - and entered - throughout the app in order to cater for regional preferences: Grades can be shown in per mille (commonly used in Europe), as a percentage (often used in the U.S.) and as a ratio (generally used in Australia and the UK).

The grade display format can be selected in the application's preferences similarly to how the unit system can already be customized to show either metric or imperial units.

This update also improves working with graded track sections: When connecting tracks with existing grades the app no longer removes the grade but simply shifts the tracks to match the height of the target track they're connected to, keeping the grade.

Changes in the latest update also include a number of general enhancements to the app and updated libraries for the library catalog of 250+ bundled track libraries containing templates for more than 6000 elements.

RailModeller Pro 5.3.7 requires macOS (OS X) 10.9 or newer and is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.
Installed apps will be updated automatically by the built-in Software Update feature of macOS.

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