RailModeller Pro 6.1: Library Catalog QuickFilter, JMRI Export and more

RailModeller Pro 6.1: Library Catalog QuickFilter, JMRI Export and more

RailModeller Pro 6.1 is now available on the Mac App Store with a number of new and improved features, including:

  • New QuickFilter in the Library Catalog
    The new QuickFilter allows you to show only e.g. curved tracks or crossings to quickly locate the types of tracks you need right now when designing your layout. This can significantly improve the design experience in particular when working with extensive track systems.

  • JMRI Export
    A RailModeller Pro layout can be exported to be used in the PanelPro application of the popular, free JMRI package for computer-controlled model railroads. This makes all tracks in a layout as well as most types of turnouts and crossings available in JMRI without any additional effort.
    For more information about JMRI please visit the project's website at http://jmri.org/.

  • Improvements to Community Layouts
    We have improved all aspects of the Community Layouts feature making it easy to browse the most popular layouts or model scales in a new leaderboard, find related layouts in the overhauled details view, or quickly spot the overall dimensions for layouts shared by our community of fellow model train hobbyists.
    Individual layouts can now also include a web URL (e.g. for photos of the build process or the finished layout).

  • Enhanced 3D Mode
    A new settings panel offers additional control over the 3D viewing mode such as optionally hiding tunnel tracks, a new dark mode and other customization options as well as a new function to export an image of the current 3D scene.

Additional changes in this update include a new Visible Layers filter mode in the Part List, tracks can now be positioned anywhere between -10m and 10m (-30 to 30 feet), enhanced functionality for editing baseboards and optimizations for running the app on small laptop screens.

RailModeller Pro 6.1 requires macOS 10.11 or newer and is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.
The update is free for existing users of RailModeller Pro and earlier, installed versions of the app are updated automatically by macOS' built-in Software Update mechanism.

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