RailModeller Pro 6.4: Search, Point Editor & Improved Touch Bar Support

RailModeller Pro 6.4: Search, Point Editor & Improved Touch Bar Support

The update to RailModeller Pro 6.4 is now shipping!
New features of our track planning app for macOS include:

  • Search the Library Catalog and Layouts
    The new search feature helps locating elements across the entire catalog of track libraries and the active layout document.
    Forgot which of the many Peco track systems contains the SL-108F part? Can't find that Kato Unitrack Bridge? Just open the search feature from the toolbar, enter name or description and let the app locate the library for you.
    Or you're wondering where in your gorgeous layout you've used that isolating track? No problem - switch the search target to your layout and let the app highlight all matching elements for you.

  • Point Editor
    We took the point editor from our upcoming Library Editor module and made it available in the sidebar so you can easily review and edit individual point coordinates of line and polygon elements as well as the corner points of baseboard elements.

  • Improved Touch Bar Support
    Many functions throughout the app have been extended to offer shortcuts when running on Macs with a Touch Bar: Preset zoom levels, parallel track distances, quick filter categories and more can be chosen with a tap on the Touch Bar for a streamlined workflow.

Other improvements in this update include

  • A new inspector for text elements showing the font and other statistics for the selection
  • Improvements to the Info inspector
  • Selections consisting of elements with multiple stroke or fill colors now show a multi-value indicator similar to e.g. Numbers
  • Smaller enhancements and bug fixes to Community Layouts
  • Improvements and bug fixes when managing the stock
  • Improvements and bug fixes in the custom key bindings editor
  • Fix for a rare issue where the app failed to start on some Macs

As always the latest update includes new as well as extended libraries for tracks and accessories.

RailModeller Pro 6.4 runs natively on Apple silicon Macs and Intel Macs.
The update requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or newer and is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.
Existing installations of RailModeller Pro are updated automatically by the Software Update mechanism of macOS.

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