What's New in RailModeller Pro's Recent Maintenance Updates?

What's New in RailModeller Pro's Recent Maintenance Updates?

Greetings, RailModeller Pro community! We're here to keep you informed about the steady progress of our app.

In this blog post, we'll shed light on the recent enhancements and updates that have been implemented, aiming to provide you with an even better modeling experience. Here are a few notable changes from the recent maintenance updates:

  • Improved Layer List Contextual Menu: Users can now conveniently select all elements within a track layer, and easily show all layers

  • Upgraded Shorten Tracks Tool: The tool has been enhanced to better work with adjustable (expansion) tracks, making it more user-friendly for modifying track lengths.

  • Enhanced Zooming Experience: The layout remains centered on the mouse cursor when zooming in or out.

  • Improved Control over Polygon and Line Points: Optimized merging of overlapping points during mouse-based editing, based on zoom settings.

  • Enhanced Display Settings for Layouts: A new option to display element aliases instead of product numbers, when an alias is available for the element.

  • Upgraded Dimension Inspector: Improved flexibility and customization options with expanded control over arrow scale and line width, along with the ability to input precise lengths for accurate measurements.

  • Noteworthy Bug Fixes: Addressed issues with hidden tracks interfering with drag-snapping during flex track editing or shortening tracks, improved the triple-click shortcut for selecting connected tracks (particularly with flex tracks), and resolved a problem with the Part List on older Macs running unsupported macOS releases (OpenCore Legacy Patcher).

Thank you to everyone who participated by voting and commenting on user-provided feature requests!
We value your feature requests and have given them high priority for the upcoming releases - stay tuned for more details.

Remaining up-to-date, the catalog of bundled track systems and accessories has been improved with new and updated libraries.

Learn about the complete set of changes in RailModeller Pro 6.4 in this dedicated article.
RailModeller Pro 6.4 requires macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer and is a free update for users of the app.

RailModeller Pro available exclusively on the Mac App Store.
The macOS Software Update mechanism takes care of automatically updating the app, providing users with the latest versions.

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