RailModeller Pro 5.3.6 Introducing Layer Previews

2017-05-31 06:00

The RailModeller Pro 5.3.6 update introduces layer previews providing a quick way to preview layer content directly in the Layer List without the need to switch between layers or change layer visibility:

Simply rest the mouse cursor on the icon for toggling layer visibility and a preview of the layer content will appear in an instant!

Additional changes in this update include more general enhancements to the app and updated track libraries for the library catalog of 250+ bundled track libraries containing templates for more than 6000 elements.

RailModeller Pro 5.3.6 requires macOS (OS X) 10.9 or newer and is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.
Installed apps will be updated automatically by the built-in Software Update feature of macOS.

RailModeller Pro 5.3.5: New option to turn off the append feature

2017-04-27 09:00

Our latest update to version 5.3.5 contains a new switch in the app's preferences to turn off the append feature for users preferring to manually append tracks via drag 'n' drop. Please note that this will also disable the Repeat feature for newly appended tracks.

Other changes in this release include improvements for the baseboard tools as well as bug fixes and stability improvements.

The update also includes new and updated track libraries increasing the contents of the library catalog to more than 250 bundled track libraries containing templates for 6000+ elements.

RailModeller Pro 5.3.5 requires macOS (OS X) 10.9 or newer and is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.
Installed apps will be updated automatically by the built-in Software Update feature of macOS.

What's up next for RailModeller Pro in 2017?

2017-04-24 06:00

In 2016 we've invested more time than ever in making our apps great and delivered a couple of major releases:
We've extended RailModeller Pro with support for tunnel sectionsimage import and baseboards.

But our apps were of course treated with a steady stream of minor updates throughout the year delivering even more features (a tool for cutting tracks to arbitrary lengths being just one of the more popular additions) and usability improvements.

And we do not intend to slow down in 2017: Our apps are under constant development and we have a long to-do list and a number of popular, open feature requests by our devoted users so here's just a few things we're expecting to come to our apps during the coming months!

An all-new editor for track and accessory libraries:
This new module will be integrated into the app and is under heavy construction right now. Besides enabling user created libraries it'll also allow us to extend our apps with exciting features like..

Fully localized libaries with descriptions in English, German - and any additional language our user base will be able to contribute from within the app.

User contributed libraries: Did you create a set of track signs used by the railways of Greece pre 1970? Items for your favorite manufacturer of specialty structures? Super-awesome symbols that other users could benefit from..?
You'll be able to share libraries and make them instantly available to everybody using the app.

Scalable elements providing the same set of houses, trees, signs, symbols, etc. across all model scales.

But there's more: Multi-colored elements will be added for signals, traffic lights, or functional tracks that are easier to recognize in the layout (beside just looking better..).

As a general theme to enable more interaction between users of our apps we're particularly excited to add online sharing to our apps later this year. This awesome feature will enable our users to present their layouts to the community and browse creations of other users for inspiration.

In addition to the plans for our macOS desktop apps we are currently working on an iOS app to explore the limitations and possibilities of this mobile platform for track planning. You can sign up to our dedicated newsletter if you'd like to receive news about our initial iPad app for toy trains.